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What the Celebs say ...

“Stunning, totally sensational, the best steak pie I’ve ever had! Trust Yorkshire.”

Clarissa Dixon-Wright (TV Chef), East Midlands Food Festival, Melton Mowbray

“A truly awesome pie.... and simply the best pastry ever!”

Richard Fox ("Fox on the Run"- BBC TV, "The Beer Chef " ITV series & "Men Brewing Badly"

Wow Baby get in there!! Wow ! ***K** **ll ! ... **c**** h***! *U**! Thats good!

Greg Wallace (TV Masterchef judge), Ideal Home Show, Earls court, London - 2012

Top crowd ...Top Pies!

Kevin Bridges ( Top comedian ) at Thorner comedy festival.

“Top flavour - real depth and a lovely kick... keep it coming”

Celeb chef, Richard Fox commenting on the Goulash.

“The nicest Pies we’ve ever had”

Ben Wilson, Andrew Spicers, James Wrighton & Elliot Tiney -Idiots of Ants (comic act)

“Perfect Pastry, Magnificent Meat, a Glorious Pie”

Tom Parker Bowles, at Harrogate Flower Show, September 2012

“Nova Scotia Pies...The absolute Best!!”

George Clarke (TVs restoration Man), at Ideal Home Scotland, June 2012

“I had two in a row and I don't even like Beef or Pies.”

Nick Helm (comedian), commenting on the Steak Pies at Thorner Comedy Festival 2013

"Sensational.... The envy of the production team!"

Celeb Richard Fox MC of the Lakeland stage at Manchester Cake and Bake show. April 2013

What the Yorkshire Post said ...

“Mark and Sally Darley run a tremendous operation...producing beef which can genuinely claim to compete with the best in the world...”

Yorkshire Post. Dec 2001

What our Customers said about our Steak Pies ...

“We purchased some steak pies at Melton Mowbray food fair... They were by far the best we had ever tasted.”

Gary Branston, via E-Mail

“The most sensational pies we have ever tasted.”

Ben & Beryl, Chatsworth Country Fair.

“If Carlsberg made a pie, these would be them!”

Arron Atmole

Truly Tremendous Steak pies, In fact unsurpassed (and I’m from Lancashire)


“As a life-long pie connoisseur, I can honestly say, the best pie I’ve ever had!”

Tim Greaves

Best pies I’ve ever tasted ! The pie was full of melt in the mouth steak.

J Elliot, Leeds, via E-Mail

We wanted to let you know that your steak pies we ate at the CLA Game Fair this weekend were the finest we have ever tasted. For us, it was the highlight of the show!!Great product! We have told our friends in the Scottish Borders and we will be ordering some soon by mail. Thank you so much.

Grahame & Kim Young, Lockerbie, via E-mail

On 19th August Marley Newton-Ham. Just 2 years of age was introduced to one of your warm steak pies - his first pie experience. En route home he threw an egg sandwich back at his mum screaming “More Pie” ! Southport flower show 2011

Via E-Mail

"12 out of 10"

Greg at East of England Show 2012

“The BEST steak pies we have ever had !

We had to have them 17 days running”

Ray , Mick ,Colin at Ideal Home Show 2012

I have never tasted anything better- in pies.

Doreen Delft, Holland, via E-Mail

“Best pie I’ve ever had on any show ground ! and thats a“fact”.....honest.”

Steve of Lancs Catering

“The pastry was wonderful ! Light and crisp, not soggy or heavy.

A revelation !”


“Best pie I’ve had-- almost worth coming up to Yorkshire from Sussex.”

Mike Slemic, Hurstperpul, Sussex.

“I’ve never scoffed a pie so fast! Meaty, tasty & just the right size !”

Nom X, Newcastle

“The best stand in the tent hall, we all agreed in voting our favorite last night. Pies simply divine.”

Joanna Coleman at Badminton Horse Trials.

“Simply the dogs whats its!”

Jimmy of Lanc’s

“The best meat pies I’ve ever eaten. Beautiful meat & delicious tasty pastry .... I bought a box !”

Mrs Elizabeth Liddle

“The best steak pie I have ever tasted in my 30 years.”

Ian Cullen, Melton Domestic Appliances.

“The best pie I have ever eaten & the nicest pastry on a pie”

Nickie Austin, RVN

“Good lord these are better than s*x “ ! customer was overheard telling her friend , who then put pen to paper to embarrass the orator they remain anon for her husbands sake !!

“The most delicious tasty pie EVER !!”

Angela Donovan

No fat No grizzle absolutely fab.

Karen & Jim, Cathedral view, Durham city.

“Proper Lush!”

Lynne Newcastle at York food festival.

“These are the nicest pies I’ve ever tasted and I don’t normally eat pies!”

“Absolutely outstanding ! A Big thank you to my friend Jaynie for introducing me to these mouth watering moorish pies Delicious!”

Hannah Marshall

“Without a doubt the best steak pie we’ve ever tasted. The pastry is more than a carrier- its essential to the overall eat! Delicious !”

Three Ladies at Chatsworth Country Fair

“Tried steak pie for the first time. Just had to go back to say how good it was! I’m old and would say it’s the best I’ve ever tasted, thanks for your service.”

Mrs Carole Cunningham Keighley at Harrogate Flower Show

“To die for”

Chris Tindale (crazy chicks)

“Thanks very much for the best pies I have ever tasted the pastry was absolutely fantastic. Thanks!”

Frank Charlton

The game fair was OK, but your pies were fantastic.

Graham Meare Via E-Mail

“Well good pie man !”

A Vouth at Bodelwyddan Castle

“Truly Orgasmic!!”

Kath Thomas, Sanderson Blinds Ltd

“My husband reckons they were the best meat pies he has ever tasted ! ”

Carole, Via E-Mail

“I agree with Clarissa.”

Anon, on numerous occasions.

“The best pies ever. Can't wait to order. Will never bother to make my own again. Enjoyed an interesting talk with Mark this afternoon, so helpful and enthusiastic.”

Janet Beardow, who had the Steak Pies at Chatsworth Country Fair, commented via our website.

A truly awesome pie. It was nice at first bite but as the flavor develops in my mouth I was forced to turn around and buy some. I recommended you do the same.

Nick Jones, Kent at Penshurst Place

We purchased your Steak Pies yesterday after husband had done a taster at your counter.  Said he must have one immediately for dinner and has never stopped extolling how wonderful it tasted!

Mrs Iris Eastgate, who had the Steak Pies at Harrogate Craft Fair, commented via our website.


translation "Blinking Beautiful"

Ray Stephens  of  Cwmafan, South Wales, at Malvern Autumn Flower Show 2012

"Wow,Ooh that's good. Give me these every night and I will be happy !! "

Esme Darley, commented via our website.

These are undoubtedly the best pies about... I am not usually a pie man, however tried a sample, which lead me to buy some for home, then buying a dozen online....love them!

Tim Hayes, who had the Steak Pies at Chatsworth Show - Sept 2012, commented via our website.

"If I were a cow I would gladly die to be in one of these pies"

A student at Durham University 2013

"Best meat pie ever tasted ..Delicious!"

Bev Messinger, Kelmarsh Game Fair 2013

"The BEST Steak Pies I Have EVER tasted. Thank you."

Collette Hodgeson Manchester Cake and Bake 2013

"Heart warming pie after a long cold day !

Delicious !"

Rachel from Farnham

"A beautiful emotional experience blending history with the future of pie. Taking us back to the days of auphoniage where young boys were asked to make the pies under duress, Where buggery was common place and gave place to the buggered pie! (and later the phrase “well I’ll be buggered” )The future of these pies are certainly hopeful, since there is no buggery involved. Bootifull !"

Roy at the Upton Blues Festival, July 2013

What our Customers said about Dishes to Dine For...

Commenting on the: Chilli Con Carne

“Tried lots of different brands, come back every week for more .... fantastic”

Annabelle Peg, Wetherby

Commenting on the: Beef Stifado

“Best one I’ve had since my Mum used to make it. And she’s from Greece!”

Andy Munro, Worthing

“I have today tried the whole range of dishes and I’m pleased to say I was amazed at the quality and taste, there wasn’t a dish I didn’t enjoy. Being a chef myself, I was very sceptical, however I have to say the whole experience was awesome. The dishes are truly gorgeous and the pastry on the pies is second to none. The suet pudding was pure delight. Keep up the good work, truly awesome food!”

Mrs Baron, Shrewsbury Flower Show, August 2010

I just had to drop you a line to let you know how fantastic the Beef Stifado was we recently had, the meat was so tender and the flavour delicious. We thought it was just like the one we had in Greece- no BETTER!

Can’t wait to try others from the range. Well done TOP QUALITY!

Shena Jones, via E-mail

“Absolutely delicious, succulent”

Anon at Ayr Flower Show

“Had the steak and stilton pudding last night…Bl@*dy gorgeous”

Alex Foster, Thorner

“Bought the Beef Stifado on Friday – husband loved it and sent me back to buy more. Delicious!”

Tricia Moss, Prestick. at Ayr Flower Show, Aug 2010

“Steak and Ale ..to die for ! Brilliant taste, flavour and price. You’d be silly not to try and buy.”

Elaine Rignall at Melton Mowbray

“the 3 pots of Savoury that I bought from you, I cook 2 yesterday for dinner, and it taste so good! tks for recommend to me.”

Kee Mui Liaw, commenting on our Suet Puddings via our website.

“Just purchased your Steak & Ale Suet Pudding from the east Of England show, my husband decided he wanted them for dinner, an excellent choice, best puddings i have tasted, when they are on your list for purchase we will be placing an order, Thank you for a fab dining experience.”

Sue Whaley, commenting on the Steak & Ale Suet Pudding via our website.

“The best Pie I’ve ever had”

George Bulmer, Southport Flower Show 2013

“At last, we have found you again! We have had lots of fakes...yours are the best “

Ruth, Chatsworth Country Fair 2013


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